2018 Energy

Hello lovelies

I know I am an absolute shocker at blogging and I have already broken my NY resolution of at least getting to it every fortnight. 

So, first of all... Greetings and Happy New Year! I hope this Year of the Dog has treated you nicely over the past 6 weeks.

2018 is proving to be a massive year for Artfolk. Already I have new collaborations with amazing businesses - Westfield Shopping Centre Carindale, Chapter IV Paddington and Woodford Planting Festival - and a few more in the works. 

After a gorgeous holiday in Bali and chance meetings with AMAZING women, my heart and mind have been so inspired to branch out into the tropics. If I already buy lots of tropical flowers for my workshops, why not run a workshop or few in a tropical location? Who's with me? Further research is needed so Im heading back in a few weeks (hard work I know).

Take a look at all the new workshop listings and spread the word. I am travelling around a fair bit, reaching out to the far corners of SE Queensland for creative connection.

Blessings, Vanessa xx

vanessa wallace

Handbuilding Skills Course

Hello lovelies

The Artfolk studio will be reopening this Wednesday night for classes, 6.30-8.30pm. If you have a clay hand building goal in mind then this is the perfect opportunity. Please email me your ideas of what it is you would like to make and I can organise a plan so that you can achieve your creative dreams.

Methods such as slab building, pinching, coiling, moulding and joining are introduced or developed depending on your skill level. These are then combined and adapted in order to personalise your making to suit the project at hand.

Some examples of projects could be: functional ware such as plates, bowls and cups; vases or planters; sculptural pieces; figurines like mermaids or goddesses; or a life-size bust. There are just so many possibilities.

As this is a personalised and directed learning opportunity, there are now only 3 places available (out of 4). All materials and some firing is included. 

Bookings need to be made in advance, so please contact me today via email, or phone 0401818384.

X Vanessa

Decorated wine pitcher made by Josie during her first 5 week course.

Decorated wine pitcher made by Josie during her first 5 week course.

Fresh beginnings

Hello lovely people. I hope you had a fabulous festive season.

Each new year has me resolving to follow new or old creative paths with gusto. On my list this year is a return to bellydancing, and for something completely new, learn a stringed instrument that I can happily sing along to. Im steering towards a ukulele.

I also have new clay creations swirling around in my head waiting for me to take the time to bring them to life. With a very busy new job at QAGOMA, they will have to continue swirling for another month or so, but I can't wait to sink my hands back in to clay.

I would love to hear if you have any plans to express your creativity in new ways this year. If your are looking for different ideas, then I have just updated my website with various workshops for both clay and watercolour.

With arts, crafts and the handmade continuing to be desirable, I plan on this being a busy year for Artfolk, with new collaborations and opportunities. 

If you have any creative dreams that I could help you attain, please feel free to contact me. My Wednesday night clay class is open to personal projects and I am happy to host parties or events, either at my Ashgrove studio or elsewhere. 

I will take this opportunity to wish you all an inspiring and creative new year ahead, full of adventures, prosperity, joy and laughter.

Big love,


New learnings, new listings

Hello lovelies

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. My good intentions were overrun by study and work demands but I am very pleased to say that both have calmed down and I am back to reality.

Over the last 3 months I have been studying a uni course on The Arts and Dementia. Such a lot of new learning, including brain physiology, understanding injury and ageing, the many sides to dementia, memory, and the theory and discourse around various arts therapies.  

I have surprisingly learnt a lot about myself along the way, particularly the link between how memories, colours, scenery and music can evoke my creative responses. Also that the arts provides such a strong and supportive base to experience personhood - what it is that makes me and my place in the world.

My studies also provided insight into why I feel so connected to the arts and its partly about being in love apparently... watch this short video:

Art gives same level of pleasure as being in love

I have also been heavily making functional tableware ready for Christmas. I will be having a stall at the Vieille Branche Christmas Market in Albion (see the flyer below), and will be stocking my galleries with this new work as well.

Between now and Christmas I will be holding 3 workshops at Work-Shop in South Brisbane.

* Botanical Illustration
* Watercolour & Wine, and
* Making a Christmas Platter

There will also be a release on workshops for children coming up, for Christmas present makings and school holiday fun. I have also had a few people ask if I can host art/craft parties for adults or children... the answer being a firm yes! If you need a creative alternative to the standard festive office party or the likes, then I can tailor an arty session to your liking.

So much fun in so little time. Have a great week.

X Vanessa




Things to Do...

There are lots of great things happening around Brisbane at the moment. After having lived in Sydney and London, I never thought I would love Brisbane as much, but there is just so much innovation out there. Lots of great opportunities to engage with the arts this weekend:

Against the Grain Festival is happening at Bakery Lane in the Valley. Lots of live music, art and atmosphere. I have my ceramics exhibited at the gallery This Is The Place which is part of the precinct so I am going to go along to support this cool little event.

This Saturday I am teaching a ceramic tableware workshop at Work-Shop in South Brisbane. They have just opened up a few more spaces, so if you are interested I would jump in and book ASAP.

On Sunday Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School is running their usual Sunday afternoon life drawing session at Cloudland from 4pm. Nothing better than ending the weekend with a wine, burlesque beauties, creative time and drawing materials.

Perhaps I'll see you out and about xx

PS - Do you like the new website template? I love it!

Feeling the Love

I can't begin to tell you how many wonderful people I have met over the last few months. It seems that once you set your mind on something and put your energy out there, the universe answers by providing new and supportive connections.

Once you start looking, there are just so many avenues for indulging your interests and hobbies. Case in point - I have been on a journey of learning about creative business management and strategy and have attended some fabulous sessions with small and large businesses, some free, some paying, some simply networking and wine time. And every single time I have met lovely women with whom I have had such an immediate connection to, all on the same journey: to build a successful and meaningful business that feeds their soul and creativity, and step back from the pressures and constraints of traditional working routines. The love and passion for their ideas and visions for their future are inspiring and heartwarming. 

But perhaps taking such a big leap is not something on your radar, either now or even ever. However, you may be looking for an outlet, a new artistic adventure, or a sharing of creative energy. Well, this is my vision. To provide a studio, time and community for you to engage with your creative self. I have just listed new workshops on the website - Clay Handbuilding Skills Development, and Adult/Child Ceramic Plant Pot. More will also make their way onto the Artfolk calendar, so take a look, book your place and let your creative side shine.

The journey begins

Goodness, I can't believe that I am a blogger, as of now. But can I tell you, it's rather exciting and I can't wait to share with you the journey of Artfolk, from my desire to inspire creativity in people's lives to actually building a creative community of 'folk' who engage in artistic practices with like minded others. The energy and atmosphere of a group of people focused on a creative project, enjoying the 'me time' away from life's demands, and discovering their innate craftiness is a great pleasure. Being able to teach others artistic skills, sharing knowledge and watching them blossom into confident makers who glow peace and pride is a privilege. 

There are a range of Artfolk workshops offered throughout Brisbane, currently for both ceramics and drawing. Please take a look at the home page for details and watch this space for more to come. In the meantime, engage in 'artiness' by visiting a gallery or exhibition, sketching and doodling at coffee time, or simply taking notice of how you place a meal on a plate looking at colour and texture. I take time throughout my day to notice the details of what we mostly take for granted - the structures and colours of fruit and veggies, how materials drape, the effects of light on surfaces, the composition of space and scale on the street, and how I use my body, particularly my hands, to create my life. There is inspiration everywhere, once you become aware and take the time to pause and look.