Fresh beginnings

Hello lovely people. I hope you had a fabulous festive season.

Each new year has me resolving to follow new or old creative paths with gusto. On my list this year is a return to bellydancing, and for something completely new, learn a stringed instrument that I can happily sing along to. Im steering towards a ukulele.

I also have new clay creations swirling around in my head waiting for me to take the time to bring them to life. With a very busy new job at QAGOMA, they will have to continue swirling for another month or so, but I can't wait to sink my hands back in to clay.

I would love to hear if you have any plans to express your creativity in new ways this year. If your are looking for different ideas, then I have just updated my website with various workshops for both clay and watercolour.

With arts, crafts and the handmade continuing to be desirable, I plan on this being a busy year for Artfolk, with new collaborations and opportunities. 

If you have any creative dreams that I could help you attain, please feel free to contact me. My Wednesday night clay class is open to personal projects and I am happy to host parties or events, either at my Ashgrove studio or elsewhere. 

I will take this opportunity to wish you all an inspiring and creative new year ahead, full of adventures, prosperity, joy and laughter.

Big love,