Feeling the Love

I can't begin to tell you how many wonderful people I have met over the last few months. It seems that once you set your mind on something and put your energy out there, the universe answers by providing new and supportive connections.

Once you start looking, there are just so many avenues for indulging your interests and hobbies. Case in point - I have been on a journey of learning about creative business management and strategy and have attended some fabulous sessions with small and large businesses, some free, some paying, some simply networking and wine time. And every single time I have met lovely women with whom I have had such an immediate connection to, all on the same journey: to build a successful and meaningful business that feeds their soul and creativity, and step back from the pressures and constraints of traditional working routines. The love and passion for their ideas and visions for their future are inspiring and heartwarming. 

But perhaps taking such a big leap is not something on your radar, either now or even ever. However, you may be looking for an outlet, a new artistic adventure, or a sharing of creative energy. Well, this is my vision. To provide a studio, time and community for you to engage with your creative self. I have just listed new workshops on the website - Clay Handbuilding Skills Development, and Adult/Child Ceramic Plant Pot. More will also make their way onto the Artfolk calendar, so take a look, book your place and let your creative side shine.