New learnings, new listings

Hello lovelies

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. My good intentions were overrun by study and work demands but I am very pleased to say that both have calmed down and I am back to reality.

Over the last 3 months I have been studying a uni course on The Arts and Dementia. Such a lot of new learning, including brain physiology, understanding injury and ageing, the many sides to dementia, memory, and the theory and discourse around various arts therapies.  

I have surprisingly learnt a lot about myself along the way, particularly the link between how memories, colours, scenery and music can evoke my creative responses. Also that the arts provides such a strong and supportive base to experience personhood - what it is that makes me and my place in the world.

My studies also provided insight into why I feel so connected to the arts and its partly about being in love apparently... watch this short video:

Art gives same level of pleasure as being in love

I have also been heavily making functional tableware ready for Christmas. I will be having a stall at the Vieille Branche Christmas Market in Albion (see the flyer below), and will be stocking my galleries with this new work as well.

Between now and Christmas I will be holding 3 workshops at Work-Shop in South Brisbane.

* Botanical Illustration
* Watercolour & Wine, and
* Making a Christmas Platter

There will also be a release on workshops for children coming up, for Christmas present makings and school holiday fun. I have also had a few people ask if I can host art/craft parties for adults or children... the answer being a firm yes! If you need a creative alternative to the standard festive office party or the likes, then I can tailor an arty session to your liking.

So much fun in so little time. Have a great week.

X Vanessa